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  1. donzlesdead:

    the funniest shit to ever be vined 

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  3. iamajamaican:

    Curry chicken, fried dumplings, yams, boiled banana, and callaloo. 

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  4. ikaythegod:

    Man ah Lion

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  5. Control yourself. Become someone who can handle this.
    — Brandon Sanderson (via iamcharliesangel)

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  7. A man who procrastinates in his choosing will inevitably have his choice made for him by circumstance
    — Hunter S Thompson (via hungbyhope)

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  9. icy-hands:

    ❀❀rad and sad❀❀


  10. canadian-space-agency:

    The Earth photographed from the ISS by Japanese Astronaut and ISS Commander Koichi Wakata.

    Credit: Koichi Wakata/JAXA

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  11. ozonebabys-temple:

    "Dragon Mist"

    My destination is no longer a place, rather a new way of seeing.

    ~Marcel Proust 




  13. jamaican-food-recipes:



    Is this “Up” sequel?

    Man, what

    Super Boy!!!! http://jamaicandinners.com

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  15. quantumblog:

    Women who need a movie episode 5,000,001:
    Nzinga Mbande was a 17th-century African battle queen who successfully led spear-wielding tribal warriors into hardcore fucking  close-quarters combat with rifle-equipped colonial European armies. Carrying a bow, sword, and axe, and dressed in animal skins, Nzinga Mbande led her men into combat against the Portuguese, defeating them in pitched battles in 1645, 1647, and 1648, at one point even helping a Dutch Marines force re-take her old palace from the Portuguese Governor

    She was also infamous for having a harem of 60 men at her beck and call, a personal bodyguard of elite Dutch mercenary riflemen, and once took a machete into hand-to-hand combat against a tribe of (literally) baby-eating African cannibals.

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